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The UK government’s Global Entrepreneur Programme (GEP) helps high-growth overseas companies relocate to the UK.

Alpesh Patel OBE is a Dealmaker for the Department of International Trade.


Voxta Voice relocated their Global HQ and their exceptional entrepreneur founders and IP to the UK with the Global Entrepreneur Programme facilitated by Department of International Trade.

Kavita Reddi co-founded Voxta Voice in 2009 to enable voice for banking transactions, or  for FAQ's on banking or insurance products. Voxta Voice assistants plug into banking or insurance apps or websites, for an easy voice experience.

Why did you choose the UK?

Great place for entrepreneurs – it’s very easy to setup here and cut through red tape, especially on the transactional side such as setting up bank accounts, acquiring R&D credits and the academic resource that exists regarding AI. It’s also a great place for women entrepreneurs! It’s just a great place to be. The bureaucracy is straightforward here, and perception of a UK company is really a major benefit.

Tell us about the big global problems your business solves?

Companies want to talk to their customers now 24/7 in different languages. Voxta is a plug & play platform that enables ompanies to do this and still retain their own data. Voxta automates customer interactions such as surveys and research and provides bespoke voice assistants. It operates on client’s own mobile apps and in their call centres.

What successes have you had and what are the secret top tips?

We are now working with global bank and have really positive customer acquisition. We have a 5-year local government contract and raised money out of UK. We built a customer survey in 7 languages and saved a client 40% on the cost and cut the launch time by 60%. We’ve had some good wins.

What’s your experience with DIT, Global Entrepreneur Programme?

It’s a great platform – from handholding to building profile, to understanding how to open doors / which doors to open, the DIT helped us to ‘grow up’ as a company and reach vital next stages in our scale-up plans.

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