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The UK government’s Global Entrepreneur Programme (GEP) helps high-growth overseas companies relocate to the UK.

Alpesh Patel OBE is a Dealmaker for the Department of International Trade.


Finboot relocated their Global HQ and their exceptional entrepreneur founders and IP to the UK with the Global Entrepreneur Programme facilitated by Department of International Trade 

Nish Kotecha co-founded Finboot in 2016 to enable transparency in supply chains using blockchain. Finboot is the dynamic company behind MARCO, a unique blockchain agnostic, enterprise grade SaaS product.

Why did you choose the UK?

Started life in Barcelona – it’s a great city by the sea for work life balance but Finboot is a global company, and we needed a global base – so we chose the UK. 

Tell us about the big global problems your business solves?

Supply chain traceability using ledger-agnostic blockchain. There is pressure from enterprise to run resilient transparent operations practices, this means supply chains must be trustworthy. Finboot enables companies to make the entire supply chain transparent, and verify details such as sustainability, origin, and proof of service. 

What successes have you had and what are the secret top tips?

From the start, Finboot attracted industry-leading clients such as Repsol and Stahl. In the UK, we’ve expanded to other industries such as fashion and retail, and are able to attract valuable investors, as well as access trade missions and special funding such as from the Welsh Development Bank which has allowed us to open our newest office in Cardiff.  

What’s your experience with DIT, Global Entrepreneur Programme?

Dealmaker Alpesh Patel & Head of Programme Derek Goodwin have been instrumental in Finboot’s UK scale-up mission. We’ve had help from trade missions and ASEAN webinars through the Fintech programme too. We’ve had lots of support racing for next rounds of capital. 

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