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The UK government’s Global Entrepreneur Programme (GEP) helps high-growth overseas companies relocate to the UK.

Alpesh Patel OBE is a Dealmaker for the Department of International Trade.


They pivoted and developed and end to end content solution product that analyses content when it’s being created for emotional engagement, inclusivity and safety, using a perfect writing assistant to help content generation – help create more impactful, safer, inclusive content which is useful for platforms too because it’s already vetted.

Why did you choose the UK?

Strong ecosystem for entrepreneurs & ease of doing business. They wanted to test the idea in the UK based on its strong networks and highly skilled workforce. Speaking with the Dealmaker and the help the Global Entrepreneur Programme gives, helped seal the deal.

What big global problem does Citispotter solve?


Pallav and Dushyant were passionate about making the internet a safer, more inclusive place. The need for end-to-end content analysis solutions was increasing because of the volume of content that’s created, but the downside is that content is published on a daily basis that can be non-inclusive, unengaging or damaging to a brand that’s trying to promote its cause or self.

This causes ethical issues for organisations and the upcoming global content regulations – it soon will not be an ethical obligation but a legal responsibility that businesses need to be aware of. Safeguarding content with the use of AI to create inclusive, factual and engaging content by analysing and offering solutions for improvement during the content creation process.

What successes have you had? Any secret top tips?

In the past 2 years since establishing their business in the UK, Citispotter has been recognised by Oslo Innovation Week by complying with the UN Development Goals which aim to make the world a better place by making the internet a safer, more inclusive place.

Recently Citispotter received investment from Essex University and are receiving a lot of interest from corporate organisations.

What’s your experience with DIT & the Global Entrepreneur Programme?

Alpesh Patel OBE was assigned as their Dealmaker and has connected them with the decision makers in industries that have been instrumental in the growth of Citispotter as well as facilitating activities to build their profile and revealing access to grants to fund future growth.“DIT has made Citispotter business friendly by opening networks and enabling plans to execute the dream to make the internet a safer place using AI. With the help of DIT, Citispotter now has a product that can be shown confidently to investors with great results.”

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